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A preferred spot for quality middle eastern food. Service is always prompt even when they have a full house. The staff was very welcoming and observant. Prices were average for the menu. If it was closer to my home I would be here often.
Angelina Foster via - Mar 16, 2019
I love his mural of the city of Jerusalem, this an excellent restaurant. We love the food.
Adriana Mier via - Mar 15, 2019
Always Great Food and Service ... read more
James Chambers via - Mar 15, 2019
Service and food pretty good. Better options in the area tho.
Mike Lapham via - Mar 12, 2019
Very good. Friendly service. Attentive staff. Food portions are amazing.
Maddison Lozier via - Mar 11, 2019
Friendly staff and good fresh food good portions
When you enter you see the Pilars maybe even Greek influences on the photos. They gave us a large pita style bread to dip in the olive oil with sesame seeds and something green it was good but don’t recall what it was. I has...More ... read more
fallingstarvideo via - Mar 11, 2019
The flavors were just perfect!
Jeremy via - Mar 10, 2019
By far my favorite place regarding cost vs quality. It is nice to pay a fair price for dishes that I cannot duplicate, much less, make better at home, unlike 95% of the places that I eat ... read more
Bradley Burton via - Mar 10, 2019
I'm giving this place a 5 because the food was delicious, but don't go during the day because only 1 waiter was serving tables and he was running around from table to table other than that the food was great. I had the combination sharwama.
Sarah Diaz via - Mar 9, 2019
Great place to 2 eat ... read more
Carlos Martin via - Mar 3, 2019
Authentic and delicious I have never been disappointed with the food at this location . The atmosphere is pleasant and the middle eastern music in the back ground set the tone ... read more
raul quiroz jr via - Mar 1, 2019
It was more of a Mediterranean blend of foods. Including greek, turkish, italian and jerusalem influences. The prices are great. Lunch gyro with fries or salad was $6-7. The food was pretty good. Loved the probiotic packed homemade pickled foods. The salad was decent. Will go back.
TillMorningBreath via - Feb 28, 2019
Omg! I absolutely love this place! ...
Omg! I absolutely love this place!  I am pleased and will be back... service was great and fast.. made me feel at home.. turkish coffee at the end was fantastic! I will be back!
Jeri T. via - Feb 26, 2019
Great food ... read more
AL Sotello via - Feb 24, 2019
Great service and food. We will be back.
Sheila Ghadessi via - Feb 15, 2019
good food good people good luck
good food good people good luck ... read more
Ali Kabalan via - Feb 12, 2019
So i have been a little hesitant ...
So i have been a little hesitant trying this place.  The pasha issue that happened in the news kinda damaged me and i know i shouldnt take it out on all restaurants that are similar.  I was definitely impressed. Firat the ambiace was quite nice. The music put you in the scene of another country. I loved it. They give naan as an appet ... read more
Matt G. via - Feb 11, 2019
Had uber eats deliver us some food ...
Had uber eats deliver us some food from the Ingram location. Food was delicious, well prepared and warm. Although my chicken was a little over cooked, it was still very good! My boyfriend and I ordered the chicken kabob plate and mix kabob. Recommend them both.
Virginia M. via - Feb 10, 2019
Not all tacos come from Latin origins ...
Not all tacos come from Latin origins. This place is simply amazing. If your a foodie like me then this is the place to go!! I wanted everything on the appetizer menu. The waiter suggested the vegetarian platter which was amaze balls. Then he suggested the lamb gyro! I'm taking half of it home with me, defiantly get the veggie plater ... read more
Ben J. via - Feb 9, 2019
Good location for tasty Middle Eastern food. food was so delish. service treated us so kindly. it has a good atmosphere. menu is similar to a restaurant in el paso i liked.
Alan Ward via - Feb 7, 2019
Middle Eastern food and the atmosphere here is excellent. i should have took a photo of the food but it was too good to interrupt. this place has a good design.
Hope Ball via - Feb 7, 2019
Great location for quality Middle Eastern food. This place does it for me. The place has an awesome feel to it. Makes me feel like I am back in Sacramento.
steven black via - Feb 7, 2019
Great location for delicious Middle Eastern food. entered near ten, it was not crowded. looking forward to returning with my relatives. prices are decent for the quality. i can see why they have so many reviews.
Tiffany Tyler via - Feb 7, 2019
My fav spot for tasty Middle Eastern food. The staff was very helpful and welcoming. This place has positive reviews for a reason.
Christian Allison via - Feb 7, 2019
middle eastern food and the feeling here is quality. The bill was good for how much you get. Food is similar to a place in San Francisco I loved.
Adam Hudson via - Feb 7, 2019
Good food and great service ... read more
Bijan Zandabadi via - Feb 7, 2019
We've been here several times. Always good service and yummy food. I warn you, one you go you'll be craving it again before long :) ... read more
Paige P via - Feb 6, 2019
Great restaurant with great service ...
Great restaurant with great service.  The food was awesome.  We ordered family style, $15 per person and you get a lot of delicious food!
Daniel R. via - Feb 5, 2019
Impressed! We had so much food ...
Impressed! We had so much food and it was all delicious. We even had to move to another table so our food could fit. It was four of us and we decided to try out the family dinner. For about $16 per person, you get 8 appetizers, 8 meat skewers, falafel, rice and a plate of shawarma. This is by far the best deal. I especially enjoyed t ... read more
Diana G. via - Feb 5, 2019
highly recommended, I'll give it 5 stars. Delicious food.
highly recommended, I'll give it 5 stars. Delicious food.
Noris Enriquez via - Jan 31, 2019
Excellent food fair price ... read more
Carl Gibson via - Jan 31, 2019
never had this kind of food before.. ..let me tell you,I've been missing out on a great thing. love
never had this kind of food before.. ..let me tell you,I've been missing out on a great thing. love the food great service,and the prices are very reasonable. I have been there twice, and plan to go back many more this place......
Adrian Arangua via - Jan 30, 2019
Fantastic food and service!   I ...
Fantastic food and service!   I will be back soon!!  Try the Turkish coffee after your meal...super!!
David J. via - Jan 30, 2019
Excellent food ... read more
Naveed iq via - Jan 29, 2019
So delicious ❤️ will be a regular lunch spot for me!
So delicious ❤️ will be a regular lunch spot for me!
Juliette L. Saltzgiver via - Jan 29, 2019
Best Mediterranean food on texas!!
Jigar Patel via - Jan 26, 2019
I had to drain the oil from my plate there was so much of it, as hungry as I was I couldn't finish my food because the food was drowned in "salad oil".
Craig Burnette via - Jan 26, 2019
Good food. The only thing I didn't like were the booth seats. There is a big gap that prevents you from leaning back without your back bowing. Not too comfortable after a long day.
William Mehnert via - Jan 24, 2019
FIRSTLY, CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW HUUUUUUUUGE THESE PLATES OF FOOD ARE??? I'M STILL SALIVATING. Anyway...We arrived about an hour before close (swearing to eat as fast as humanly possible), and the manager greeted my mother and I with a warm welcome. The food was delicious and arrived super fast. I recommend shawarma atop any of the sal ... read more
Briana S. via - Jan 23, 2019
Shawarma platter was outstanding. Super friendly staff!
Robert Garcia via - Jan 23, 2019
Awesome service! Food was amazing! Turkish coffee was GOOD! Very delicious!
John Keltz via - Jan 20, 2019
Really good food! Great service! Reasonable prices!
Really good food! Great service! Reasonable prices!
Chas Hisch via - Jan 19, 2019
I really enjoy this place. My wife and I love to go relax here. Staff is always friendly. Food is delicious. I love the tabbouleh and labneh. Really, anything you get here is going to be good.🍴 ... read more
David Rodriguez via - Jan 18, 2019
Great affordable Mediterranean/ Middle Eastern restaurant. Food is served fresh and in ample portions. They don’t have pictures on their menu so you may to use your phone to google a picture if desired. Recommend it.
Michael B via - Jan 15, 2019
This place is tucked back in the ...
This place is tucked back in the corner. Authentic Mediterranean food. I've had the chicken and beef, good salad and even vegetarian options. Pitas great. Tziki sauce delicious. Never really to busy so seating is always immediate.
Melanie K. via - Jan 14, 2019
Don't bother to go if you want ...
Don't bother to go if you want legitimate authentic food.  The food preparation had number of short cuts.  Also, the service was horrible.   Too bad because their pita bread was awesome.
Elana Z. via - Jan 11, 2019
Good Mediterranean restaurant ... read more
Sk Monirul Islam via - Jan 8, 2019
Jerusalem Grill used to be my first ...
Jerusalem Grill used to be my first choice for authentic Middle Eastern food. I was sadly disappointed with our delivered order the other night. They are very generous with their portion sizes. The gyro combo tasted great. However, the lamb kabob I received in my entree was burnt to a crisp and chewy; not of the quality I'm accustome ... read more
Faye L. via - Jan 7, 2019
the food is excellent ... read more
esmeralds martinez via - Jan 7, 2019
Flavourful kababs
Got this name from one of the food review page and wanted to try when i was visiting with my family on holidays. We wanted to stay at hotel, so gone for take away option. The place was quite Cousy, we picked up the items...More ... read more
tsaad via - Jan 6, 2019
Always welcoming, food well cooked and prepared, the staff is very nice ... read more
turajii shakoor bey via - Jan 4, 2019
Great food quick service very clean would recommend to everyone ... read more
roen huizar via - Jan 2, 2019
This restaurant is a very fun experience. There are authentic decorations, food, and music videos from Jerusalem. Their food is so delicious! I can't stop thinking about about it! Whatever you order, get it with their garlic sauce. It's heavenly! I ordered chicken swarma plate and it was a generous and delicious serving. I will be ba ... read more
Amber Vecchio via - Dec 30, 2018
awesome food and service is @1
awesome food and service is @1 ... read more
William Bennett via - Dec 29, 2018
My favorite restuarant in San Antonio. The food is delicious. Fair prices. Friendly staff.
Tatiana R via - Dec 29, 2018
Can't say enough good things about this place ... read more
Edith Mary Stanley via - Dec 27, 2018
Always great food and good service ... read more
Tammy Medlin via - Dec 27, 2018
My boyfriend and I have a new favorite place ... read more
Karen O via - Dec 27, 2018
This is an awesome. For Mediterranean food ... read more
Diana Bernal via - Dec 25, 2018
Very friendly staff and quick service. Ordered the gyro platter. Everything was delicious and the portions are large. Great place overall!
Mara Briseno via - Dec 24, 2018
Great hummus and shwarma ... read more
Steven Bratsen via - Dec 23, 2018
Excellent Mediterranean food
This place is fantastic. The food is fresh, and the baklava is seriously some of the best I've had. The service is very relaxed, so it's not a place for a hurried experience. I would definitely recommend eating here.
James J via - Dec 21, 2018
Very tasty food and friendly service. The lettuce wasn’t as fresh as it could have been but it still tasted good.
Lisa Jones, ORDM via - Dec 20, 2018
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